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Fortnite Road Trip week 8: find a secret banner in Tomato Temple

Here's where to find the Fortnite Road Trip week 8 banner and add it to your collection

Where is the Fortnite Road Trip week 8 Battle Pass tier? Fortnite season 5 continues to tell the story of Drift, a character from our world who got sucked into a Fortnite Rift and immediately made friends with Brite Bomber, Cuddle Team Leader, and Rex. This week, however, there is no secret Battle Pass tier to grab – instead, you will be able to earn a new Tomatohead banner for your Fortnite profile.

The Fortnite Road Trip week 8 loading screen sees the gang venture to Tomato Temple, which only recently took the place of Tomato Town on the Fortnite map. Of course, hidden somewhere in the image is the location of a secret item.

Bear in mind this will only actually appear for you in-game after you have completed all seven of the Fortnite week 8 challenges, so don’t all rush to Tomato Temple at once.

Fortunately, the Fortnite community has already leaked the Road Trip loading screen for week 8 straight from the game files, so you can go ahead and mark it on your map, ready to grab the new banner as soon as you’ve ticked off the last of your week 8 challenges. You can see the leaked image below.

So, where exactly is the the week 8 Road Trip banner? If you look at the middle of the image you can spot an engraving that’s not present when you actually visit Tomato Temple in-game – these engravings have been Epic Games’ way of signalling the Battle Pass tier’s location in previous weeks. The engraving is simply of the Tomatohead Crown, and if you head to Tomato Temple after finishing all the week 8 challenges you will find a new banner exactly where it appears in the leaked image.

If you need some extra help completing any of this week’s challenges then we have a full guide to finishing off the Fortnite week 8 challenges, as well as the exact location for the Fortnite ‘Search between three oversized seats location’ challenge.

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Watch the video above to see how the new item appears in-game. This could spell a slightly different format for upcoming Road Trip challenges, which is a pain if you’ve been counting on them to progress your Battle Pass and unlock new cosmetics.