Fortnite Rocket League car gives first taste of Unreal Engine 5

A Fortnite Rocket League car device is now available in the battle royale game, and it's our first look at the car football game in Unreal Engine 5

Fortnite Rocket League car. This image shows Fortnite characters on top of Rocket League cars.

A Fortnite Rocket League car device has just appeared in the creative mode of the battle royale game, and it represents a fairly substantial step for the popular car football game finally being seen in Unreal Engine 5, while also making for a fun Fortnite vehicle. While Fortnite creative gets new toys regularly, this is a huge deal for Rocket League.

Rocket League was released back in 2015, and it’s basically been popular ever since the very first day it launched thanks to its easy-to-learn hard-to-master gameplay, and the sheer novelty of it all. There are a lot of players out there who still play it regularly, and it’s always a blast to watch too. However, it’s also stuck on an old engine, and a lot of people think this is holding it back.

While this new device doesn’t represent the first Fortnite Rocket League crossover, this is probably the most notable one because it’s the first time we’ve seen the physics of Rocket League in Fortnite. This is going to be a fun time for Fortnite players who like to dabble in creative, and you can try it out by using the island code 7808-4434-5127.

For Rocket League players though, this represents something of a glimpse into the future. While the physics aren’t perfect with this version of Octane, the Rocket League car in question, you can fairly comfortably pull off things like wave dashes and aerial manoeuvres with a fair degree of accuracy. With car football fans all feeling trapped by Unreal Engine 3, this is the first glimpse we’ve had of the game working in a more modern way.

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