Where to find a rose in Fortnite

The precise locations of the two roses in Fortnite's map, from Steel Farm to the Orchard

One of two rose plants you can collect from a house in The Orchard in this week's Fortnite challenge.

Love is in the air as they say, and Fortnite’s Valentine’s Day themed challenges are all fetch quests. You need to locate a whole bunch of items to help certain NPCs have a good date to celebrate this occasion. One of these items that you need to find are some roses.

To find a rose, you need to go to one of two specific locations on the map. You only need one rose to complete this challenge, but finding either one of the two available roses is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Well, not quite, as you don’t actually need to go diving into barns to find them, but you should probably know the location of these prickly flowers in advance, rather than waste time aimlessly looking around.

We will show you precisely where you need to go in order to find these roses in Fortnite, from the rough area you need to search for these hard-to-find items, to the locations for the roses themselves. Let’s dive right in.

Where to find a rose in Fortnite

You’ll need to head to either Steel Farm, which is east of the coliseum, or The Orchard to complete this challenge. The precise locations are:

  • Steel Farm: Head to the red house on top of the hill. Close to the door, there’s a bunch of bananas in boxes. Just to the right of those is a rose.
  • The Orchard: In this location there’s a barn, a market, and a white house. Head for the white house and go through the front door. Look at the table with a vase on it and you should see the roses lying on the floor.

That is all you need to do to complete this Fortnite challenge. There are plenty of other Valentine’s Day challenges to complete this week and most of them require you to find items on the map. We also have the Fortnite love potion locations if you need to complete that challenge.