Where are the Fortnite rubber ducks?

The locations for all three rubber ducks explained

An after-image of one of the Fortnite rubber ducks. This one is in Retail Row.

Want to know where the Fortnite rubber ducks are? You may have been completing some of the legendary challenges introduced with the brand new Fortnite season. But while the battle royale game now generally does a good job of telling you where to go to complete some of the location challenges, the final task requires you to place three rubber ducks on the map in three locations.

This is another one of those challenges where you interact with an after-image, so there’s no preparation required – outside of completing the previous four legendary challenges, of course. However, that doesn’t mean it’ll be smooth sailing; in order to complete this challenge, you must venture into Retail Row, Pleasant Park, and the new location Believer Beach, which are three highly populated areas. Once there, you need to place a rubber duck in a very specific spot.

We’ll go over exactly where you need to plonk down the three Fortnite rubber ducks, enabling you to fully complete this line of challenges, and net yourself precious experience to get Battle Stars for the new season.

The three Fortnite rubber duck locations pinponted on the map.

Fortnite rubber duck locations

The three locations for the Fortnite rubber ducks are:

  • Retail Row – Towards the northwestern houses in the area, there’s a small ledge close to the blue house. It’s on the grass as the road slopes down.
  • Pleasant Park – Head to the football pitch and either investigate the bleachers at the far end or the scoreboard on the opposite end of the pitch.
  • Believer Beach – Head to the gas station west of the area. You’ll find it close to the sign.

And those are the three Fortnite rubber duck locations. You may also be wondering where to find the Fortnite alien artifacts to unlock custom features for your Kymera styles.

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