Fortnite rubber ducky location

Looking for an oversized bath toy as part of the 14 Days of Summer challenges? Here’s where to find it

fortnite rubber ducky

We’re approaching the end of the Fortnite 14 Days of Summer event, which means it’s time to start making sure you’re on top of these before it’s too late and you miss out on the chance to earn some free cosmetics. The reward for the challenge this is associated with is particularly good – manage to complete it and you’ll unlock the Rubber Ducky Back Bling.

The latest challenge to come from the event asks you to visit a giant beach umbrella and huge rubber ducky. You should already have spotted a lot of Fortnite giant beach umbrellas, but this is the first challenge to feature a huge rubber ducky.

Here’s the tricky thing though, this oversized bath toy doesn’t spawn in exactly the same spot every match, which means you will have to look around a bit to tick off this challenge. Not to worry, as this massive rubber duck with shades always follows the same path each day, so if you know roughly where to look you’ll be able to track down this pesky toy in no time.

Fortnite rubber ducky location

Fortunately, the huge rubber ducky can always be found at some point along the river that bisects the southern half of the map, starting from just below Loot Lake and running all the way down to Lucky Landing. That’s quite a lot of ground to cover, but if you start at one end of the river and pop open your glider shortly after leaving the Battlebus then you should be able to spot it along the way.

Of course, you still need to visit a giant beach umbrella to complete this challenge. We find that the easiest one of these to grab is east of Neo-Tilted and west of Dusty Divot, located on a large mountain.

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If you find yourself nowhere near this spot then you can actually spot these parasols by pulling up your map and zooming in, their bright colours ensure they’re easy to spot. Other locations include Lazy Lagoon, south of Pleasant Park, and north of Paradise Palms, southeast of Salty Springs, and between Pressure Plant and Lonely Lodge.