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Fortnite: where to search the letter S in Wailing Woods

Struggling to track down the letter S in Wailing Woods? Here’s a map that will show you where to search for this staged challenge

fortnite search letter s in wailing woods

Trying to track down the letter S in Wailing Woods as part of the season 7 week 4 Fortnite challenges? This staged challenge features some particularly elusive letters spread around the Fortnite battle royale map that you’ll need to collect, on at a time, and return to their rightful place in Retail Row.

The letter S is the second stage in this five part Fortnite challenge and completing it will return you two stars – complete all five parts of the challenge and you’ll earn enough to level up a full tier of your battle pass, so it’s worth pursuing every stage.

This letter can be very tough to find, especially if Wailing Woods is at the start of the Battle Bus route. Like with the previous stage of the challenge – search for the letter O west of Pleasant Park – you won’t find this piece in an obvious spot, so follow our walkthrough to grab the letter S.

Get to Wailing Woods as fast as possible and head to the middle of the named location where the floor can be harvested. Knock your way through and drop down into the hidden bunker below (grabbing a gun if you’re not alone). Then build up to the middle level and search the rooms on either side, paying particular attention to the offices in the middle as this is where the letter S will spawn. Simply aim at it and hold E to collect it and you’ve completed two of the five stages of this challenge.

Here’s a video walkthrough:

YouTube Thumbnail

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