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Fortnite season 8 will probably have dragons

The latest Twitter tease adds "beasts of fire and ash" after pirates and snakes

Fortnite is probably getting dragons in season eight. If you’re wondering how that would work in a PvP battle royale, the latest tease says that you’ll be able to somehow “awaken” them, “battle it out”, and then “loot the stash.”

Here’s one way to read this: we’ll go through some sort of ritual or event to summon a dragon boss into the map, and then we fight and kill it to earn some special loot. There are currently several mysterious eggs beneath Polar Peak castle, so perhaps the dragons will hatch from these?

It’s also likely that volcanoes will be involved somehow. Ben Walker of Fortnite News stuck all the season eight teases thus far together, and they appear to form a vaguely skull-shaped cloud emerging from a volcano. Things might get clearer tomorrow, as the final quarter is missing, so we’ll likely see one more tease. The shapes in the cloud hint at snakes, pirates, and dragons, so the coming Fortnite season is looking as busy as ever.

Here’s the third season eight tease:

And here it is in the bottom-right corner of Walker’s detective work:

Alongside the eggs, cracks are splitting in the earth across Fortnite’s map. Once thought to be a hint of a coming earthquake, it now seems more likely that they herald a volcanic eruption (or several).

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Expect such an eruption to shake up the map once again when Fortnite season eight goes live on Thursday – this usually happens around 07:00 Pacific (15:00 GMT).