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Fortnite Second Chance locations: where to find every respawn van

Looking for a map of all the respawner vans so you can bring back your teammates? Here’s every Second Chance spot on the map

fortnite respawn vans location map

Fortnite Second Chance locations appear to be spread evenly across the battle royale map, with respawn vans at every named location. While they’re not officially out yet, these vans appear to be upcoming respawn stations similar to the Respawn Beacons in Apex Legends.

In Apex Legends you can grab Banners from the loot crates of your fallen teammates and use them at special Respawn Beacons, which is a risky play, but can turn the tide of the match in your favour. Your buddy will drop in with no gear at all though, making late game revives very challenging. Fortnite’s vans look like they’ll work in much the same way and could add a great deal more depth to squad matches.

So, how have we found all of them if they’re not out? The Second Chance vans only show up in Replay Mode, so we’ve search around the Fortnite Season 8 map to track down every respawner before they make it to the main game.

What are Fortnite Second Chance vans?

In case you’re still sceptical about the purpose of these vans, the folks over at Epic Games confirmed they were considering a respawn mechanic in Fortnite in a recent Reddit AMA.

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There are also a few key details on the vans themselves that suggest this is their true purpose. For starters, they bear an astonishing resemblance to the Respawn Beacons in Apex Legends, with details like the Banner-like microchip symbol on the side van.

Definitive Proof of the Purpose of the Mysterious Vans from FortNiteBR

At the back of the vans you can also see a computer station with a big red button, which is likely the point where you’ll need to interact in order to activate the respawner. As pointed out on Reddit, the device on top of the computer station is the same drone that appears when a player is eliminated, which further suggests these vans are related to respawning.

As for the name Second Chance? Prolific Fortnite dataminer Lucas7yoshi unearthed the name while digging through Season 8 files – there’s a chance it’s just a placeholder, but Second Chance certainly sounds like a respawn mechanic.

Fortnite Second Chance locations

Here is a handy map showing where you can find every respawn van in Fortnite. It’s possible that when these go live they will only randomly spawn, but in any case it’s good to know exactly where they are likely to be so you don’t waste a single second searching around a named location for one.

Fortnite respawn vans locations

For the most part these respawners appear to be located at named locations, but fortunately not right in the middle of each location, barring a couple of exceptions like Tilted Towers and Paradise Palms. Check out the video below to see these Second Chance vans in-game.

There you have it. All the Second Chance van locations we could spy in Replay Mode. As the feature is not out yet there’s a chance they could move, but we’ll be sure to update the map and this guide to reflect that.