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Fortnite security plans guide: how to steal security plans from the Yacht, the Rig, or the Shark

Pick a side and steal some security plans with this final task in the Brutus Briefing challenges

Fortnite security logs locations

Looking for where to find the Fortnite security plans or how to deliver them to either Ghost or Shadow? The final piece of the Brutus Briefing challenges is live and in order to choose between the two skin variants for him you’ll need to complete a security plans heist and deliver those plans to the faction of your choice.

This is a very difficult challenge to complete, especially if you’re playing solo, so keep your wits about you, don’t bother trying to complete any other challenges at the same time, and hope that you don’t cross any John Wicks in the process. To steal the Fortnite security plans you need to head to either the Yacht, the Rig, or the Shark. Once there, you need to track down some servers and interact with them when you find them, which will give you the security plans. With those, you need to locate the mailbox for the faction that you accepted the final mission for.

We’ve only just ticked this off ourselves and so only have two of the three locations to walk you through completely, which are the Yacht and the Shark. However, we will update this guide when we know where the servers and faction mailboxes are for the other security plans location. Oh, and word to the wise: it’s easier to do this on Team Rumble as no henchmen or bosses spawn.

How to steal the Fortnite security plans from the Yacht

The easiest way to grab the security plans for the Yacht is to bypass all enemies completely and simply glide into the water on the outside of the front of the boat. Use your harvesting tools to destroy a wall and then jump into the bottom floor of the Yacht. Look for a main corridor through this level and then past a kitchen and to the right here’s where you’ll find the server. Be quick. Now hold E to interact with the server and steal the Fortnite security plans.

Fortnite yacht servers security plans

Next, simply go out the way you came and swim over to Steamy Stacks. Once there you need to head beyond the steam stacks and look for a central courtyard. Keep an eye out for a mailbox, but be warned that you can only deposit the security plans in the faction mailbox that you signed up for before the match.

Here is what the Ghost mailbox looks like:

And here is what the Shadow mailbox looks like:


The second route has now been discovered and it may be a little easier than the Yacht path. For this you’ll want to drop onto the island directly south of the main island and use the Fortnite phone booth to disguise yourself. Next, head to the hidden cave entrance on the east side of the island. Jump out and head up the first staircase, then look around for a pair of server rooms adjacent to the main atrium. Look around the servers until you get the prompt to steal security plans.

the shark security plans in fortnite

Your next port of call is Pleasant Park as you still need to deliver those plans to your chosen faction.

Here is what the Ghost mailbox looks like:

Ghost mailbox pleaseant park

And here is what the Shadow mailbox looks like:

shadow mailbox pleasant park

We’ll make sure to check out where the nearest servers and mailboxes are for the Rig and Shark as soon as possible and update this page accordingly. Meanwhile, we’ve also rattled off the Fortnite secret passages challenge and have found all the Shadow safe house locations in Fortnite, too. So if you’re looking for any more help, we have you covered.