Fortnite Skye final mission: find Shadow Ollie at Weeping Woods guide

If you want to unlock the darker style for Skye then you'll need to look here

Ollie shadow Fortnite

Wondering where exactly you can find Shadow Ollie at Weeping Woods as part of the final faction mission for Skye in Fortnite? By now we should be pretty familiar with how the final faction-based missions work in Fortnite, but here’s a quick recap. You’ll need to hit level 80 in your battle pass and to have completed 18 of the Skye weekly challenges – that’s the challenges that launch today and last week. That means you’ll have to do all of the Skye challenges bar two, so at least you can ignore your least favourite two challenges.

This week for the edgier black-tinted Shadow faction, we’ll be heading to Weeping Woods in search of the Shadow variant of Ollie, the adorable critter that accompanies Skye. Here’s a separate guide for finding the Ghost Ollie in Frenzy Farm, so check that out if you want to betray the dark side.

The challenge is easier than most so long as you head to the right spot – no stealing plans, no backtracking across the map, or fishing – so you won’t have to spend hours trying to complete this one.

Shadow Ollie location

Obviously, as the challenge says, you can find Shadow Ollie at Weeping Woods. Here’s an exact map of the Ollie’s location:

Shadow Ollie in Fortnite

If you’re stuck, then look for the eastern lodge and head to the east entrance to it, it will pop into existence when you get close to it.