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Fortnite Showtime venue location: where to visit the Showtime venue - Showtime challenges

Looking for the perfect venue on which to show off your finest emotes? Dance here for even more Marshmello-themed gear

Fortnite showtime venue location

Where is the Showtime venue in Fortnite? This is no doubt a query you’ll have if you’ve stumbled on the special set of quests that recently dropped in Epic’s battle royale game. Ever since the Showtime challenges landed, everything has been coming down to this: your visit to a Fortnite Showtime venue in front of a rapturous – if also murderous – crowd.

In case you’ve been living under a desert rock just outside of Paradise Palms, DJ Marshmello will be performing a very special in-game gig at 2pm GMT (9am ET / 5am PT) on February 1, 2019. And, of course, Epic are giving us loot fiends a chance to celebrate that in the best way possible with a set of special missions and Marshmello-inspired cosmetics.

If you completed this exciting challenge you’ll be rewarded with the Keep it Mello emote – the perfect dance move to have in your locker for the big gig, in our book. It’s also an emote you’ll need if you want to complete the third Showtime challenge. So, let’s get started: here’s where to find the Fortnite Showtime Venue.

Fortnite showtime venue location

This one-of-a-kind performance will be held in Pleasant Park. It seems a fairly odd spot considering the calm sophistication of this tranquil suburb. Fingers crossed the neighbours don’t complain. Anyway, the Fortnite concert stage has completely taken over the football pitch to the south of the named area, so this is where you need to get jiggy with it. If you’d prefer a visual description, get your beady eyes on the map and screenshot we’ve provided below.

Fortnite concert stage map

Fortnite concert stage screenshot

Of course, you’re going to need the Keep It Mello emote if you want to complete the next Showtime challenge. This has you performing this emote in three different points of interest on the map – here are guides to help you out with each of them:

And there we have it, that’s where the Fortnite Showtime venue so you can mix it with the biggest DJ to ever play in Fortnite. There’s more Showtime goodness where that came from, too: here’s where to search a Fortnite Showtime poster so you can unlock the Mello Made it Right spray. In the meantime, enjoy the concert – it’s showtime.