Fortnite snowflake decorations: where to destroy 12 snowflakes

Need help taking down the Christmas decorations? Here’s where you can find 12 Fortnite snowflakes

Wondering where to find 12 Fortnite snowflake decorations for the 14 Days of Fortnite event? We’ve descended into the battle royale map countless times to find these subtle Christmas decorations and emerged with the vital intel you need to earn a new seasonal sticker.

As this challenge went live on the twelfth day of the event, you’ll need to destroy 12 of Fortnite snowflakes in order to unlock the snowflake sticker. That sounds tricky, but if you know where to look it’s really rather easy.

Snowflake decorations don’t appear in all named locations of the map, but if you go to the right spots you’ll be able to find and destroy six or seven in a single drop, making this one of the easier 14 Days of Fortnite challenges.

If you’re still behind on your seasonal challenges then don’t despair as we have guides for dancing in front of different Fortnite holiday trees and searching for Fortnite goose eggs that will save you a lot of time. But if you’re just here for the Fortnite snowflake decorations then read on.

Fortnite snowflake decoration locations

You’ll want to consistently land at a couple of named locations across the map to complete these as fast and carefree as possible – these decorations spawn at Tilted Towers but you’ll likely be eliminated before you can find a single one.

You can also destroy three or four of these decorations on the lobby island that will count towards your challenge progress, however, it is tricky to get a gun and find these in the short amount of time you have in the lobby. Three can be found at the main hangar in spawn island, but there are a couple more dotted around the lobby area that we couldn’t confirm.

Below you’ll find our custom Fortnite snowflake decorations map, just click to enlarge it.

Fortnite snowflake decoration map

We recommend heading to Lucky Landing and Paradise Palms to complete this challenge as these tend to be quiet drop locations and each one has several Fortnite snowflake decorations you can destroy, meaning it’s even possible to tick this challenge off in a couple of attempts, especially if you destroy the decorations on the lobby island, too.

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Here are some screenshots of the snowflake decorations in our recommended spots.

Hopefully we’ve helped you cross off another Fortnite challenge. We also have guides on searching between three ski lodges and searching for the letter O west of Pleasant Park if you’re struggling with those as well. So there you have all the info, now all that’s left to do is jump into a game and tear down those decorations.