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This fan-made Fortnite Spider-Man map is a superhero sandbox

Everyone's favourite friendly neighbourhood Marvel hero is a perfect candidate for the Grapple Glove and this amazing custom Fortnite Spider-Man map

This Creative player built a Fortnite Spider-Man map

Can’t wait for Spider-Man Remastered on PC? We quite understand, so might want to swing by and try this Fortnite Spider-Man map instead – which one fan built in the battle royale game‘s Creative mode. Aside from being a fun superhero sandbox in its own right, it serves as an excellent reminder that Fortnite is somehow one of the best Spider-Man games on PC.

Fortnite is well-known for its excellent crossovers. Darth Vader is running around at the moment, and more Naruto skins and challenges are incoming, and that’s just the official stuff. Where the creativity of the game really shines, however, is in the player-created content. In part to celebrate Spider-Man being back in Fortnite and to make the most of the Grapple Glove, Reddit user ThePeacefulGhost put a post up on Reddit showing off the joys of the fusion of both of them on a skyscraper-filled custom map.

If you’ve watched the video and thought, “damn, that’d be great fun to play around with,” then you’re not the only one – and you can. ThePeacefulGhost was kind enough to supply us all with the code to check out their little New York: 9635-2275-6900. You can hop in with up to seven other players and just vibe your way around the city you like.

It’s nice to see the Grapple Glove effectively replacing the sadly-missed web shooters, and it also makes us wonder about other potential reskins for the licensed items.

I got Access to Spider-man on PC Early! 😛 from FortniteCreative

There are plenty of really licensed gadgets that have come and gone that players miss, and the chance to see them again with a different coat of paint on them means they can stay in the game to really help with these kinds of maps.

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In other Fortnite news, a lot of classic locations are mysteriously appearing around the map for some reason.