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Stoke campfires near different hatcheries in Fortnite

Here's how to complete this week's legendary Fortnite challenge

A wooden shed, with a campfire outside in Fortnite

Need to stoke campfires near different hatcheries in Fortnite? Well, that means tracking down the correct hatchery locations. Luckily, you’ve probably encountered these hatcheries before. We have a guide on how to construct a hatchery in Fortnite and where you can find them on the map.

The hatcheries are located in sheds on either side of the map, near Catty Corner and an island not far from Craggy Cliffs. They appear as a blue outline, similar to other Fortnite challenges. After collecting records in Pleasant Park or Craggy Cliffs, you need to head to these wooden hatcheries and light the campfire nearby. You need to stoke two campfires in Fortnite in order to check off this Fortnite challenge.

Elsewhere on the map, you also need to collect parenting books in Holly Hatchery or Retail Row, as well as find out where and how you mark an alien egg in Fortnite. For now, though, here’s where you can find the hatcheries in Fortnite and stoke campfires. They’re just outside the shed, so you shouldn’t have to wander too far to find them.

Stoke campfires near different hatcheries in Fortnite

Campfires can be found near hatcheries on an island northwest of Craggy Cliffs, next to the small shed and southeast of the tallest mountain near Catty Corner, next to the shed.

That’s how to complete this week’s legendary challenge. For more challenges, check out where to find alien artifacts in Fortnite, and all of the Fortnite skins in Season 7 you can get from earning XP.