Monthly Fortnite subscriptions might be on the way

A potential subscription option would get you the battle pass, a drop of V-Bucks, and a cosmetic pack at one monthly price

Even if Epic didn’t invent the format, Fortnite has popularised battle passes as a monetisation path, and loads of other games have followed suit. Now it seems that Epic is looking to an older type of incentive to keep you pumping money into Fortnite: a subscription service. In a recent survey sent out to Fortnite players, the publisher is gauging interest in paid monthly option.

The subscription Epic describes would include the current battle pass, a ‘monthly crew pack’ including an outfit, style, back bling, and pickaxe before they’re available in the item shop, and a monthly drop of 1,000 Fortnite V-Bucks. The survey asks if you’d pay anything from $4.99 (around £4) up to $19.99 (around £15) for the service.

At any of those price points, the subscription would be at least a slight deal over buying everything separately – though certainly $20 per month would be a much tougher sell. Split out the battle pass cost to roughly $4 per month, roughly $25 for the cosmetic pack (using Ghost Rider as an example), and another $10 for the V-Bucks, and you’re looking at a decent savings month-to-month, assuming you’re buying a lot of Fortnite content.

Of course, any of those details are subject to change until this service actually gets announced for real – but don’t be surprised if we get a new opportunity to give Epic money soon.

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