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Where to find the Surface Hubs in Fortnite

All three locations for the Surface Hubs you need to scan the server

A couple of Surface Hubs in Fortnite. These two are next to a chest.

We’re up to the 13th week in the current season of Fortnite and this one has a few challenges where you need to find an object in an unusual place. This week has a challenge to scan a server at a Surface Hub, but unlike other challenges, it doesn’t tell you where to find them, or more specifically, that they’re all in underground bunkers.

You only need to scan one of the three servers at the Surface Hubs to complete this challenge, and so long as nobody’s destroyed them, you should be able to scan them after another player has used them. There are three locations that house these Surface Hubs, all of which are in underground bases. Once you’ve found them, all you need to do is interact with them in order to complete the challenge.

So in order to help you with this slightly fiendish challenge, we’ve got directions for all three of the Surface Hub locations in Fortnite so that you can scan them for yourself and tick it off your challenge checklist.

Here are all three locations for the Surface Hubs in Fortnite:

All three Surface Hub locations on the Fortnite map are circled in red.

  • West of Hunter’s Haven – Head to the west of Hunter’s Haven and into the house on top of the hill. Head downstairs to the basement all the way until you can see a balcony opposite your current position. The Surface Hub is the white contraption on that balcony.
  • Colossal Coliseum – Enter the main gates and hang a left. You should be able to see a bannister. Jump down to the level below and turn around. Enter the door and go downstairs. Jump off the balcony and climb the stairs to your immediate left. Circle around to find a silver door with two Surface Hubs inside.
  • Stealthy Stronghold – Head for the set of ruins in the middle of this location. There’s a secret stairwell that you can run down. When you get to the secret base, jump down and head for the silver door at the opposite end. Open it to find the Surface Hubs.

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