Looks like Fortnite will finally let you swim underwater soon

Dataminers have found something to hold your breath for

While there’s no shortage of water on the Fortnite map, your options for swimming have been extremely limited up until recently. Chapter 2 brought more robust swimming mechanics to the game, and it looks like Epic wants to expand things even further by letting you swim underwater – at least, that’s what the latest datamines are showing.

A new animation file has appeared in Fortnite called ‘underwater swimming’ – you can see the animation in motion for yourself below. Skin-Tracker on Twitter (via Fortnite Intel) dug up the file as part of a datamine following the 12.41 update, which set Fortnite up in preparation for the impending Travis Scott concerts.

There are no further details on how the swimming implementation would work – and as it stands, it could just be an experimental animation without any planned gameplay value. Currently, you can swim on the surface of the water in Fortnite while making use of your weapons as normal. The option to dive underwater would offer a bit of extra strategy in fights.

For now, we’ll have to wait and see how the underwater swimming animation is implemented.

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