Skye’s sword in a stone Fortnite challenge guide

Every location you'll need to visit to complete one of this week's Skye's challenges

This week you’ll need to search a sword in a stone five times around the map for one of the weekly challenges. While the challenge gives you a hint of where to look – ‘in high places’ – there are heaps of mountains, hills, towers, and pylons that could qualify as high places. That’s we’re on standby to point you in exactly the right direction.

We’re not exactly sure how you go about placing a sword in a stone, let alone five of them in the space of a week, but it appears that the Fortnite battle royale island has been swarmed by the things.

Once you’ve completed a total of 18 of Skye’s weekly Fortnite challenges and have levelled up enough to get the Skye skin, which is easily one of the best Fortnite skins this season, then you’re set to take on the last challenge. Head to the Agents tab of the main menu and look out for the final challenge that will unlock either the Ghost or Shadow skin for Skye – so you’ll want to race through challenges like this one as fast as possible.

Skye’s sword in a stone Fortnite locations

  • Between The Shark and Pleasant Park
  • Southeast of Pleasant Park just before the river
  • Between Steamy Stacks and Craggy Cliffs
  • Atop the mountain north of Retail Row
  • On the hills northeast of Lazy Lake

And to help you mark the spots, here’s a map of all Skye’s sword in a stones spots:

sword in stone cheat sheet

And there you have it. You can also hunt down the Ghost Ollie or Shadow Ollie for the final Skye mission this week. There’s still plenty more to crack on with in Fortnite this week, but for the most part these challenges are easy to do and self-explanatory. Happy hunting!