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Tfue says he’s “taking some time off streaming”

The Fortnite streamer says he's taking a step back from Twitch as "for some reason I'm not happy lately"


Fortnite streamer and former Faze Clan member Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney has decided to put Twitch streaming to one side for a while. In a series of tweets posted earlier today, Tenney announced that he’ll be taking a break from broadcasting videogame videos for personal reasons.

In the tweets (via Dot Esports), Tenney says “I’m taking some time off streaming,” adding that he has “anything I could ask for in life but for some reason I’m not happy lately” and that he feels “trapped in a negative crawl space in my mind.” It’s not clear, however, how much time he’s planning to take from streaming.

The tweets come at the end of a difficult few months from Tenney. Most notable is his very public feud with esports organisation FaZe Clan. Earlier this summer, the streamer parted ways with the organisation after falling out over the terms of his contract. Faze Clan has since sued the streamer for breaking the terms of that contract.

Tfue’s also been relatively vocal about his current displeasure with both Twitch and Fortnite, commenting on the state of the battle royale and joking that Ninja was right to abandon the streaming platform for Mixer.

Other than a couple of short-term bans from the channel last year, this step away from Twitch marks the first time that Tfue has taken a break from streaming. All of this means that Tfue’s setup will be gathering dust. As one of the platform’s biggest streamers, it’ll be interesting to see how big an impact his time away has on the wider community.