Fortnite The Last of Us skins rumour debunked by Naughty Dog

Ellie vs Darth Vader? Several prominent leakers reported on possible Fortnite The Last of Us skins, but the president of Naughty Dog had some bad news

Fortnite The Last of Us skins dropping? Peely's on the lookout

July 25, 2022: Despite multiple leakers reporting it, Naughty Dog confirms “no plans” for Fortnite The Last of Us skins. Original story as follows:

It’s looking possible that Fortnite The Last of Us skins might be on the way to the battle royale game, as part of a collaboration between Epic and Sony, at least according to several leakers – and may drop around The Last of Us Part 1 remake release date in September.

While there has already been one crossover between Fortnite and a Naughty Dog-developed game series this year in the form of Uncharted, it looks like The Last of Us skins are on their way too – with at least Joel and Ellie being available.

In the latest release of the XboxEra podcast, host Nick ‘Shpeshal_Nick’ Baker says that he was told of a Fortnite and The Last of Us collab, “to coincide with either the game remake or the show.” While The Last of Us Part 1 remake hits PS5 in September (and PC later), the show is currently down for a release in early 2023.

Respected Fortnite leaker Shiina backs up Baker’s report and confirms that they had “also heard about this collaboration independently.” UPDATE: Unfortunately for all parties and fans, Naughty Dog president Neil Druckmann officially debunked the rumour on Twitter, confirming the studio has “no plans” for a Fortnite The Last of Us crossover.

So yes, Joel and Ellie aren’t about to battle Darth Vader. We wonder what they’d make about all that sinister plant life on the map right now, anyway.

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Still possibly to come in Fortnite collab news: Dragon Ball Z, Dead by Daylight, and Doom. What a delightful bunch.