New Fortnite Thor skins are here and they’re electric

These Fortnite Thor skins come in two flavours to celebrate the release of the new Thor: Love and Thunder and both them plus Mjolnir can be yours

Shows the new Fortnite Thor skins with Thor Odinson in the centre and Mighty Thor on the left

The new Fortnite Thor skins have been brought to us by the Bifrost itself and they’re pretty glorious. Joining the likes of Spider-Man and Darth Vader, Thor Odinson and Mighty Thor are both gracing us with their presence. While it’s not the most surprising new addition to the game, having more superheroes is always nice.

The Epic Games explains that the Gods of Thunder Pack, which costs 2,500 V-Bucks, or about £15, will give players two new skins along with “two Back Blings, two Pickaxes, two Gliders, plus an Emote and Loading Screen!” There’s also a Full Charge style for outfits and the pickaxes, which wreath them in lightning.

This is a bit of an odd one, in our opinion. Not that the skins are bad, not at all, but the inability to purchase the characters individually or different parts as you so choose means there are no options outside of buying the full bundle. Not only that, but it also includes another item that’s limited to specific skins.

The “Bring the Hammer Down” emote lets the character bring Mjolnir down to the earth for a powerful strike, and it’s a nice touch, but it’s also only usable by Thor Odinson, Mighty Thor, Thor, and Captain America. It’s indicative of a weird range of gliders and other bits that can only be used by specific crossover characters. Take Gaara, for example, and his sand glider. It’s not the end of the world, but it does feel like a waste not to be able to see more mixing and matching when we’re the ones paying for these items, and the chaotic player characters are a big part of the appeal.

Alas, at least if you’re into Magic The Gathering you’ll be happy to know that the Fortnite cards look incredible.