Fortnite tiny rubber ducky: where to search the Splashdown loading screen

More summertime bath toys to hunt down, here’s where to find the tiny rubber ducky in Fortnite

Wondering where to find the Fortnite tiny rubber ducky from the Splashdown loading screen and complete another 14 Days of Summer challenge? We don’t know about you, but hunting around for a tiny rubber ducky is a pretty odd way to celebrate the arrival of summer in Fortnite. Still, it’s another free challenge, which means you can get another free cosmetic reward for your troubles.

This is quite a contrast to yesterday’s challenge, which tasked players with tracking down a huge Fortnite rubber ducky. For this challenge we’ll be chasing a much smaller rubber ducky, and you can find the location by taking a careful look at the Splashdown loading screen.

The clue is written across the row of surfboards in the background of the left side of the loading screen – if you haven’t got this yet then you can get it by finishing day 8’s challenge. This code is a coordinate: H9, I9, H10, I10. We’ll show you where to find this spot down in this Fortnite tiny rubber ducky guide.

Fortnite tiny rubber ducky location

Those coordinates hidden in the Splashdown should lead you to the east of a small abandoned town in the southeast corner of the map, east of Lucky Landing and south of Paradise Palms. Look for a bathtub east of the village with nothing else around it, and searching this tub will grant you the tiny rubber ducky. You can find a map of the location below.

fortnite tiny rubber ducky location map

However, if another player has already reached the location and searched the ducky then it will disappear, meaning only player can earn this challenge each match, which is pretty annoying.

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Our advice? Wait a while to complete this challenge and make it your top priority. Sometimes you can get lucky by dropping into a solo squad match where most players are there for a fight – this ducky is in the middle of nowhere you should find it a bit easier to grab before the shooting starts.