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How to travel 100 meters while flying around a tornado in Fortnite

Learn how to complete this surprisingly tricky season challenge by looking for dark clouds to find either tornadoes or thunderstorms in Fortnite

A Fortnite player running towards a tornado.

Want to know how to find a tornado to fly around in Fortnite? The most recent update to the popular battle royale game introduces thunderstorms and tornadoes. Inclement weather isn’t the only new feature this season, as Chapter 3 Season 1 also enables players to earn Fortnite victory crowns by winning matches.

The new weather effects have a devastating impact on the local area for a short time, either by shooting down bolts of lightning to burn everything nearby or by whipping up structures and vehicles into its strong winds. If you get close enough to a tornado, you’ll also soar into the skies.

To complete the season challenge and fly around a tornado in Fortnite, the trickiest part is to find a tornado in the first place. Unfortunately, they don’t show up on the map, and even with the telltale signs of bad weather, there’s no guarantee that what you’re looking at is a tornado. Nevertheless, we’ve got some hints to help you find a tornado to fly around in Fortnite, so you can complete the season challenge and earn some more battle pass experience to unlock new Fortnite skins and free Fortnite V-bucks.

Fortnite tornado locations

Both tornadoes and thunderstorms appear randomly throughout a match, and they last for roughly one storm cycle – by storm cycle, we mean the Fortnite version of the circles that close in during every battle royale match. Afterwards, the weather effect dissipates and reforms somewhere else.

A Fortnite thundercloud striking lightning. This is not a tornado cloud.

To find a tornado in Fortnite, you need to look around for large dark clouds. Most of the dark clouds you’ll spot will turn out to be thunderstorms. If you see lightning strike, it’s not going to be a tornado. If there’s no lightning in sight, as you get closer to the storm, you may be able to see a tornado underneath. We recommend you climb to the top of a mountain or hill so you can see clouds forming from far away and use the new Fortnite slide to get down there quickly to reach it before it goes away.

And that’s how you find tornadoes in Fortnite. It may take a few games to find one, but once you get there, walk close enough for the tornado to suck you up, then fly around until the season challenge is complete. You can check out our other guides on season challenges, including where to find Fortnite malfunctioning vending machineshow to destroy Fortnite telescope parts, where to find Fortnite rift generators, and how to knock down timber pines to destroy the tree stumps.