Fortnite unicorn floaties: where to search unicorn floaties at swimming holes

The next time you take a dip in the many watering holes on the island, keep an eye out for these collectable flotation devices

Where can I search unicorn floaties in Fortnite? Since Epic Games’ seminal battle royale game is set on an island, there are plenty of spots in which you can take a load off and have a dip. However, while we wouldn’t recommend leaving the map itself, there are plenty of bodies of the blue stuff and various tributaries inland, too.

That said, there isn’t a huge amount to do in the water, especially once you’ve had your fill of the many Fortnite beach parties raging around the world. Now, as part of the 14 Days of Fortnite challenges, a few Fortnite unicorn floaties toys have appeared. You only need to search three to get this challenge wrapped up, but there are plenty of Fortnite swimming holes in which they could conceivably be found.

So that’s why we’re here with this guide: the quicker you can search unicorn floaties in Fortnite, the sooner you can get back to the festivities – and get yourself another Victory Royale to add to your packed collection. Anyway, let’s float this suggestion your way: how about we search three Fortnite unicorn floaties? Yeah, we thought you’d be up for it.

All Fortnite unicorn floaties locations

Speaking of getting back to relaxing in the summer sun, you only need to search three unicorn-shaped floats to complete this challenge and get the Neon Tropics wrap reward. The three areas in which you can find them are the sopping wet spots of Loot Lake, Lazy Lagoon, and the hotsprings.

You can see the more specific locations in the screenshot gallery above. The Fortnite unicorn floaties can be found to the northeast of Loot Lake, on the south side of the northeast hotspring, and under the wooden gangway towards the pirate ship in Lazy Lagoon.

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And there you have it, all Fortnite unicorn floaties locations so you can have fun in the sun and get yourself a new Fortnite Wrap to add to your overstuffed wardrobe. For even more rewards, catch up on your Fortnite Fortbytes locations challenges. Recently we’ve seen Fortnite Fortbyte 63 go live in the game, but you’re going to want to set aside time to plug through them all if you’ve neglected them for even a few days. Get all that done, and you’re ready to enjoy the sun, sea, and Battle Royale cosmetics.