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Fortnite crash pads unvaulted for maximum yeeting

Fortnite crash pads have been unvaulted in season 3, allowing players of the battle royale to once again yeet vehicles, and of course themselves into the air

Fortnite crash pad unvaulted: Fortnite Crash Bandicoot jumps on a crash pad in the battle royale

Fortnite crash pads have been unvaulted, marking their valiant, bouncy return to the online battle royale as part of chapter 3. One of the stranger Fortnite items, they allow players to yeet things like themselves, vehicles, or even some projectiles into the air, while also eliminating fall damage. Good news for people who like big jumps, bad news for people who don’t keep their eyes on the skies.

The crash pad was vaulted back in chapter 2, and while we’re both surprised and glad to see it back, we’re also relieved that it’s not coming to competitive. Those games are hard enough with competitors flying through the air, or flinging cars towards us.

Elsewhere, though, we’re likely to see a lot more verticality from players thanks to this item being reintroduced. It will be especially exciting in the no build mode, where you can start to expect a few more shots from above if you’re not keeping your eyes out. As a countermeasure, we’d recommend the Ranger assault rifle, or anything else from our guide to the best Fortnite weapons.

In terms of other unvaulted items, we’re still waiting on rumours about the Impulse Grenade, but given the crash pad eliminates fall damage while the Impulse Grenade, correspondingly, causes it, it could be that we’ll be seeing both of them battling it out soon. Elsewhere in Fortnite news, the game’s recently been transformed into a brutal plaformer thanks to the the World of Deathrun map. You can also check out some of the other, best battle royale games, or broaden your horizons with the best multiplayer games on PC, or the best co-op games.