New Fortnite update could finally bring Indiana Jones

Every Fortnite update offers a chance at changing the game, but this week's could well be filled with interesting things for every kind of player

The latest Fortnite update is fast approaching, and that means it’s leak time. It feels like we’ve been building up to this one for a while with talk of the Reality Tree messing with more areas, talk of the Temple changing, and even an Indiana Jones skin.

Shiina was kind enough to post two tweets about this week’s Fortnite update. In terms of what it’ll actually include, they state that we’ll see changes to Sleep Sound and Condo Canyon, big changes at Tumbledown Temple, summer event bits, and the Indiana Jones cosmetics we’ve been teased about for weeks now. Not only that, but they also say it’s possible we’ll get Luke Skywalker news and possibly even a new weapon.

That’s a lot to take in, but it also looks as though the update won’t launch on July 5 as expected, but rather July 6. Shiina tweeted that “I completely missed this, but a few days ago Fortnite changed Cash Cup dates from July 6 to July 5 due to expected game updates around the same time”. That means we’ll be seeing confirmation of all of these changes on Wednesday this week.

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That’s good news for people who need a little spice on their humpday, at least. It also means you might have a little longer to work through quests before more come in, and also enjoy the last moments of the areas that are about to be affected by the Reality Tree. Of course, we’ve still got a few weeks left of this season, which means things are going to get even stranger before it’s all over.

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