A third Fortnite update for Season 3 is apparently in the works

A new Fortnite update is being playtested, which means the battle royale could have three updates in Season 3 instead of the usual two

Fortnite update: A man of color wearing gray armor raises one eyebrow and looks solemn

Epic is seemingly working on a new Fortnite update for Season 3, Shiina, a prolific leaker who specializes in the battle royale, said on Twitter. If true, this means the current Fortnite season would have two additional updates instead of the usual one, and that has quite a few possibilities. Shiina says Epic is currently playtesting Fortnite v21.51. One commenter said that, based on the usual Fortnite schedule, version 21.50 should be out on August 30, and since the X1 updates usually go live a week later, that would mean Fortnite v21.51 should, theoretically, launch on September 6.

There’s a bit less certainty around what v21.51 might actually include, though. Some speculated there may be another major event coming up, such as a concert or another Fortnite film fest.  It’s been several months since the last concert, so that’s always a strong possibility.

Film seems less likely, though. Epic usually features Halloween-themed films in October (of course), and having a separate, un-themed showcase so close to the holiday one doesn’t fit Epic’s style.

Other commenters on Twitter noted the X1 updates typically don’t include anything too big anyway. New cosmetics are the current favorite guess, since most assume this update will actually be a small one. Epic recently added a Fortnite Dragon Ball Z crossover to its ever-expanding roster of crossover skins and while it might seem like too much to hope for another DBZ cosmetic so soon, we’re still hoping anyway.

But this is Fortnite, so literally anything is possible.

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