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Your Fortnite V-bucks and items weren’t eaten by the black hole

Don't worry, your Fortnite V-bucks and items will carry over to Fortnite Chapter 2.

Fortnite season 11 release date

The biggest event in the history of Fortnite took place this weekend – no less than the death of the entire game. Players watched helplessly as all parts of Fortnite were sucked into a black hole, and now it’s impossible to access any part of the game – all you can see is the black void of space.

While this obviously isn’t the end of one of the biggest games on the planet – as it will be reborn sometime soon as Fortnite: Chapter 2, complete with a new map – players have a lot of questions, and the game’s developer Epic isn’t answering. Leave it to the major platform holders to do that – including what’s happening with players’ stuff.

The Sony and Nintendo support sites and Twitter have been answering questions about key parts of the Fortnite reboot that haven’t been made public – specifically about V-bucks and all of the many items players have either paid for or earned over the years.

The good news is that both platform holders confirm what players hoped to hear – V-bucks and all items are safe during the Fortnite Blackout, they haven’t been sucked into the black hole with the rest of the game. That’s probably quite a relief.

It seems obvious that Epic – or indeed, platform holders such as Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft – would not allow players to lose all the gear they’d accumulated or bought, and definitely not V-bucks. Still, it’s good to have that sort of thing confirmed – especially when the entire game is seemingly wiped out.

We’re either hours or days from the launch of Fortnite season 11 – or Chapter 2, if you’d prefer – and no one’s quite sure what to expect from the next stage of the game. We’ll find out soon, if players haven’t solved it already with the weird numbers floating out of the black hole.