Fortnite gets in-game video chat with Houseparty integration

Houseparty now lets you chat in-game with your Fortnite friends via video chat

Good news, Fortnite fans – the battle royale game’s now got some video chat integration through the mobile app, Houseparty. Supported on our home platform as well as the PlayStation 4 and 5 consoles, Houseparty’s new feature for Epic Games’ multiplayer game lets you talk with your buddies easily in-game while battling it out for your next victory royale.

To get started using Houseparty’s Fortnite video chat option, you’ll need to grab the app on an Android or iOS mobile device, Epic announces in a press release, as well as connect up your Epic Games and Housueparty accounts (for the latter, you’ll get a “Rainbow Fog Wrap” in-game, too). Once you boot up your game, and have lined up your mobile device to “fully frame your face”, you can start chatting with your pals via the app.

The Houseparty app will give you “a Fortnite-themed virtual background so only your face is shown to other players”, the release explains, and parents can switch the feature off using Fortnite’s parental control options if they prefer.

If you’re wondering who can join in with your chat, Epic says “only your Houseparty friends, and the friends of anyone in your Houseparty room, can join your video chat”. Plus, only those in your Houseparty “room” can see you on video within the app. Check out the clip below to get an idea of the app in action:

YouTube Thumbnail

“Once you open Fortnite, you can still only see the video of other people in the Houseparty room,” the dev adds, though if one of the people in your video chat is recording or streaming, “you may appear in their stream or video content”, it explains.

Houseparty is live to use on the platforms mentioned above as of right now, though it’s worth noting that it’s only available to users aged 13 and above. If you want to find out more, head to the game’s site right here. Oh, and do be sure to check out rundown of the best free PC games if you’re on the lookout for some other titles to try.