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Fortnite visitor recordings: Starry Suburbs, Gotham City, Greasy Grove, and more locations

Looking for hidden audio tapes as part of the Out of Time challenges? Here’s where to look

visitor recordings fortnite

With the Fortnite season 11 release date looming over us, Epic Games has once again unleashed a batch of overtime extension challenges to help struggling Fortnite players progress further along their Battle Pass before season 10 comes to an end. Of all the challenges in the extension, the ones that most people will get stuck on is tracking down Fortnite Visitor recordings on Retail Row, a floating island, Greasy Grove, and Moisty Palms.

While you’ll still need to deal damage to opponents and grind a few other laborious tasks to finish off the rest of the Out of Time challenges, this latest hidden object challenge might leave you roaming around various named locations wondering where exactly to search. We’ve scouted out each of the Visitor recordings locations in Fortnite and taken a screenshot to make your mission as simple and painless as possible.

Hopefully, with our help you’ll unlock a few more of the best Fortnite skins from the season 10 Battle Pass, too.

Here’s where to find all Fortnite Visitor recordings:

visitor recording retail row

Retail Row Visitor recording Fortnite

Head to the east side of the shopping district and into the bookshop (easy to spot because of, well, all the books). Then go upstairs and you should spy this Visitor recording soon after reaching the first floor.

visitor recording floating island

Floating island Visitor recording Fortnite

There are a few pickup trucks parked outside the front of the house’s porch. Search around and you’ll spot this recording in the back of one of them.


Greasy Grove Visitor recording Fortnite

Inside the taco shop and close to the toilets at the back of the fast food restaurant.


Moisty Palms Visitor recording Fortnite

On top of the tall hotel building in what used to be Paradise Palms. Easier to grab by landing right on top of the building.

visitor tape in gotham city in Fortnite

Gotham City Visitor Recording Fortnite

This one is in front of the Monarch Theater, so it shouldn’t be too hard to find at all.

Visitor tap in fortnite's starry suburbs area

Starry Suburbs Visitor recording Fortnite

Look for a large brick building on the southern edge of this new named location. You’ll have to go up a few flights of stairs to reach this tape, which is out on a balcony looking over the street below.

And there you have it, where to find all the Visitor recordings in Fortnite. There may be additional stages to this challenge as the Out of Time mission extends, so check back for fresh updates.