Fortnite weather station, Fort Crumpet, and Lockie’s Lighthouse locations

All three landmark locations to emote in front of to complete Dire’s first punchcard challenge

Lockie's Lighthouse is in the northwest of the Fortnite map and is one location you need to emote in front of.

Want to know where the weather station, Fort Crumpet, or Lockie’s Lighthouse are in Fortnite? One of the ten new challenges from this week’s Fortnite punchcard challenges comes from one of the two new Fortnite NPCs: Dire. In it, he asks you to emote in front of one of three different landmarks.

Punchcards are just one of the new features added to the battle royale game this season. Those looking for the best loot may find it by delving into any of the Sideways areas where monsters spawn, while others may look out for landmarks to complete the Fortnite Toona Fish styles challenges.

If you’re familiar with the Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8 map, you will likely already know where all three of the named landmarks are, but in case you’re unsure or never found them in the first place, we have all three landmark locations marked on a map for your convenience. Once you’ve arrived at one of these locations, simply use any emote to finish the challenge.

Here are the locations for the weather station, Fort Crumpet, and Lockie’s Lighthouse in Fortnite:

Orange pins show the locations for the weather station, Fort Crumpet, and Lockie's Lighthouse in Fortnite.

  • Weather station – on the mountain south of Catty Corner. It’s where you can find Chimpanski
  • Fort Crumpet – the ruins up the hill west of Believer Beach
  • Lockie’s Lighthouse – on the island northeast of Coral Castle and northwest of Stealthy Stronghold

After emoting at one of these locations, you’re free to continue with the rest of Dire’s challenges. These four challenges are far simpler to complete: dealing damage to wildlife, destroying a dumpster, eliminating monsters in the Sideways with your harvesting tool, and running around Misty Meadows for a bit. You may be more interested in learning where to find Fortnite ice machines or how to hunt a wolf in Fortnite.

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