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Fortnite weather station: where to dance to complete this week’s Battle Pass mission

Dancing is a time-honoured tradition in Epic’s battle royale, here’s one of the locations you’ll boogie down in front of the most

Where do you go to dance at a Fortnite weather station? Weather you like it or not, dancing at this building will likely be a recurring theme in Fortnite Chapter 2 challenges. So it’s worth remembering for when the weekly refresh hits every Thursday. Well, unless the weather station is struck by lightning – Fortnite isn’t a stranger to environmental disasters, after all.

Fortnite Chapter 2 has brought about a raft of changes, including new Fortnite named locations and landmark locations. As far as challenges go, though, it ought to look familiar. This one is pretty simple – float on down and bust a move. It’s a nice change of pace as plenty of other challenges are more time-consuming. Some require specific Fortnite skins, emotes, or cosmetics and getting them are tied to your Battle Pass progress – it’s a time sink, basically.

In this guide we’ll show you where to go to find the Fortnite weather station in Chapter 2. We’ll spell it out and even throw in a map for good measure. So, here’s where to dance at a Fortnite weather station.

Where to dance at a Fortnite weather station

As always, you’ll want to whip out your map while you’re waiting for the match to start. You’ll want to know where the Battle Bus is going, and how far you’ll need to go to reach the Fortnite weather station. Once you have the location marked up – which you can see below – and the bus departs, we can begin.


We’re heading east of Misty Meadows to the snowy mountains – specifically the left side of those frosty hills. As you float on down, you should see the Fortnite weather station on the side of the mountain. Once you land, all that’s left to do is bust out your favourite dance emote.

And there you have it, the Fortnite weather station location, not bad at all is it? This one is pretty quick to do, thankfully, so you can proceed to your other challenges in no time at all. If you’re struggling with those challenges feel free to check back here as there’s a good chance we may have a guide on it.