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Fortnite Whiplash locations

Learn where to find the Fortnite Whiplash locations and how to use its speed as the fastest vehicle in the game to pass foes on the way to victory

Fortnite Whiplash: Chun-Li is driving a black supercar on an open road.

The Fortnite Whiplash locations are what you need to find if you feel the need for speed. Unlike other vehicles in the battle royale game, this supercar has jet propulsion engines that, when activated, allow you to go at breakneck speeds across any road-like terrain. Of course, other vehicles are available too, but this one is the fastest.

The only downsides about the Fortnite Whiplash are that it guzzles gas as if it’s downing a pint of beer, and, on its own, it’s not very good to drive on any surface except for asphalt. The handling is all over the place, and its maximum speed drops below that of a regular car. However, if you put on some off-road tyres, which you can find in any gas station on the Fortnite map, not even a dirt track can stop you zipping across the map at a steady pace, even if it does reduce your maximum speed on roads. Fuel consumption is still a problem though, especially if you wish to use the boost, so we recommend carrying a fuel canister so you don’t get stranded.

Fortniet Whiplash: a map showing all of the locations where you can find the Whiplash car.

Fortnite Whiplash locations

A Fortnite Whiplash can randomly spawn inside any gas station garage on the map. You can also find four guaranteed Whiplash vehicles with some off-road tyres already fitted in Chonker’s Speedway.

Fortnite Whiplash stats

Here are all of the vital stats for the Whiplash:

  • Health: 800
  • Seats: 2
  • Starting fuel: in a range of 40%-100%
  • Regular tyres top speed (road): 81 mph
  • Regular tyres top speed (dirt): 42 mph
  • Regular tyres boosted top speed (road): 100 mph
  • Regular tyres boosted top speed (dirt): 75 mph
  • Off-road tyres top speed (road): 65 mph
  • Off-road tyres top speed (dirt): 65 mph
  • Off-road tyres boosted top speed (road): 75 mph
  • Off-road tyres boosted top speed (dirt): 75 mph

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And those are all of the Fortnite Whiplash locations. If you want to bolster this supercar’s durability, why not grab yourself a Chrome Splash to give your ride a silvery makeover that repairs the chassis if damaged by enemy gunshots? That said, nobody likes to see damage to their prized supercar, even if fixing it is easy, so you can always pick up one of the best Fortnite weapons in order to get the jump on them.