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How to to get the secret Fortnite White Scientist skin style

The Visitor cosmetic set just got a little bit cooler thanks to this unlockable style

how to unlock the Fortnite white scientist skin

Wondering how to unlock and equip the White Scientist skin style in Fortnite? The current Fortnite season is approaching its end and every clue as to what the Fortnite season 11 release date has in store for us is pointing to the mysterious Visitor character. So it makes sense that there’s a hidden unlockable style for the Visitor skin, making it one of the coolest Fortnite skins. Players have known about the White unlockable style of the Scientist skin for a while now thanks to it being datamined by the community weeks ago.

Thankfully, the style is finally in game and ready to be unlocked. The process is pretty simple, but be warned that you need the standard Scientist skin to actually wear the new style of it – you can get this by completing the ‘A Meteoric Rise’ Mission.

Once you’ve got it, you need to roundup all of the Visitor Recordings in Fortnite. There are six of these dotted all over the map and once you’ve gathered all six you can complete the final stage and unlock the Fortnite White Scientist skin style.

How to unlock the Fortnite White Scientist style

Here’s what you need to do to unlock the Fortnite White Scientist style: once you’ve all six tapes you need to head into a new game of Fortnite with the Scientist skin equipped and go to Dusty Depot. Once there, head into the northernmost warehouse, which is the one with the rocket on the roof.

Look around the ground floor for a computer console. You can interact with this once you’ve got all of the tapes, which will prompt all of the tapes to play back to you in the intended order.

Look carefully at your character skin while this is happening and you’ll notice it turn white. It really is that simple. But you’ll need to grab it soon as it’s not long until the tenth season comes to a close.