Fortnite Wind Turbines locations: where to visit different Wind Turbines in a single match

Ready to stand an appreciate these marvels of green engineering? Here’s how to efficiently complete this week 5 quest

Where are the Wind Turbines in Fortnite? These towering contributors of green energy can be found scattered all over the map, but the twist this time is that you need to visit five of them in a single match. Just make sure you don’t get too close – you might want to get catapulted to the other side of the map and away from danger, but the bang you’ll endure in the process really smarts.

Speaking of smart, though, the many different Fortnite Wind Turbines you can visit aren’t all bad, really. To some they’re an eyesore, but we’re environmentally conscious souls here at PCGamesN and we want to enjoy the gorgeous, varied world of Epic’s battle royale game for as long as possible. Emissions from the likes of Neo Tilted and Mega Mall are getting a bit much of late, so we need to show these technological marvels some appreciation.

At the same time, we know full well that you’re busy people, so we’re going to find as many Fortnite Wind Turbines locations as possible and help you plot the best route to visit five of them so you can quickly nab your Battle Stars and get on with the rest of your round. So, in the spirit of efficiency, let’s get to it: here’s where you can visit five different Wind Turbines in Fortnite as quickly and easily as possible.

Fortnite Wind Turbines locations

By the way, if you don’t know what the turbines actually are, they look like big ol’ sci-fi windmills. Check the image at the top of this article and the screenshot below for an idea of what we mean.

Typically they’re found on high-up hills to make the most of the gales and gusts the world of Fortnite produces. Many of them are dotted around in the region surrounding – itself in the map’s northwestern corner – so this is the best place to start your search. You can see four of them in the screenshot above alone – we’re stood on a hill west of Lazy Lagoon and south of Pleasant.

As you fly over this part at the start of a match you’ll see plenty more. Bring plenty of building materials to make sure you can climb each raised area easily to get this done in one match.

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There you are, that’s the best way to visit five Fortnite Wind Turbines. Once you’re done, have a crack at the other week 5 challenge guide we have ready: here’s where to complete a lap of a Fortnite desert, snowy, grasslands race track to give you another lovely haul of Battle Stars. In the meantime we hope you have developed a new-found appreciation for the wonders of renewable energy.