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Where to find Witch Shacks in the Fortnite Fortnitemares event

Here's where you can find Fortnite's Witch Shacks in the Fortnitemares event

Wondering where to find the Witch Shacks in Fortnite? Wonder no longer. The Fortnite map has had a moody makeover for the spooky season, and this includes some very creepy Witch Shacks, and finding them looks like an upcoming Fortnitemares challenge. They give the misty map an extra dose of creepiness, and add some real cabin-in-the-woods vibes to your matches.

The first batch of Fortnitemares challenges requires you to find Witch Brooms – these are located at the Witch Shacks. Luckily, the witches in question, who presumably live in these shacks and ride these brooms, are out at the moment, probably casting a spell or brewing a potion, or something.

Anyway, there are five Witch Shacks spread across the map (that we know of), so you’ll be able to go to any of them to complete your quests. If you’ve already finished the quests, or aren’t that bothered, they’re still worth a visit if you want to feel uncomfortably creeped out. It seriously feels like you’re at the start of a horror movie. If that’s the vibe you want for your Fortnite matches.

Where to find Witch Shacks in Fortnite

The first Witch Shack is located in the hills to the north of Doom’s Domain, in the northwest corner of the map. This one will usually be pretty quiet, as it’s kind of in the middle of nowhere.

The next shack isn’t too far away, but you’re probably best off heading there from Salty Springs. Head northwest from the POI (towards Sweaty Sands) and you’ll soon come across the creepy, dilapidated house surrounded by evil-looking trees.

Our third Witch Shack is really in the middle of nowhere, but we found it by landing at Lazy Lake. We recommend grabbing a vehicle from the gas station and driving towards The Ruins in the centre of the map. About halfway between the two locations is the Witch Shack, perfect for all your creepy needs.

The fourth Witch Shack is right at the bottom of the map, fairly centrally located. Drop into Slurpy Swamp and head due south to find it – it’s on the cliff overlooking the sea.

Finally, the last Witch Shack is another with a sea view. This one is in the southeast corner of the map, so head to Catty Corner and continue southeast from there. The shack is just to the north of that weird hammer-shaped inlet, on top of the cliffs. It’s a dramatic location for a house, but we’d be worried about natural erosion affecting those shoddy shack foundations.

However, the shacks will only be around until November 3, so we think it should last until then. In the meantime, why not take on Shadow Midas to get your hands on his deadly Drum Gun?