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Where you can use different Fortnite ziplines in a single match

A quick guide on where you can find the largest concentration of ziplines that you can latch on to soar above the competition and complete a season challenge

Some wind turbines with ziplines leading up to them in Fortnite

Want to know where the best place is to complete the Fortnite challenge to use different ziplines in a single match? Ziplines have been around in Fortnite for quite some time, and one of the season tasks this week asks you to find and ride a few of them.

On paper, it’s a straightforward task, but there is a way to finish it within a few seconds of landing on the island, leaving you more time to complete the other challenges for this week. Thankfully, they’re also relatively easy, requiring you to perform simple tasks like catching a gun while fishing or destroying mailboxes at Sleepy Sound or Tilted Towers. However, if you missed the story challenge that appeared recently, you can catch up with our Fortnite Mole drill team guide to learn how to salvage electronic parts.

To complete this season challenge, you need to ride three ziplines in a single match. There are many places on the map where you can find them, but there is one place with a high concentration of them so that you can complete this challenge quickly.

Fortnite zipline locations

Head for the wind turbines in the southwest corner of the map. There are several ziplines in this area, so you just need to ride three of them in a single match to complete this challenge.

An orange pin showing the location of the wind turbines with lots of ziplines in Fortnite.

That’s everything you need to know to complete this challenge. Other recent additions include challenges linked to the Fortnite Haven masks. There’s also the Fortnite Foundation skin challenges, where you’ll get the Rock as a Fortnite skin. While you’re here, these are some ways to get free Fortnite V-bucks.