The worst "Lets Player" Personailty on Youtube


Im looking into doing some walkthroughs/Letsplays in the near future and I was looking over other people and I was reminded of this dude.

Darksydephil Is quite possibly the most hypocritical and Vile person on the Lets Play circuit. But he has one unique selling point...

He is terrible at games as well, but doesnt know it. Prepare yourself for Racism, sexism and every other kind of prejudice "ism" in the world... Its pretty bad you guys.

Take a quick look. Tell me how long you lasted before clicking off!

Edit: If you want more, watch this. But you would be a masochist to want it!

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Dog Pants Avatar
3 Years ago

He's got to be trolling. He gets stuck on the menu for crying out loud.

Shriven Avatar
3 Years ago

If he is, he is the greatest actor in the world and would be soooo famous.

unwanted Avatar
3 Years ago

You are waay late on DSP. Watch some of his fighting videos. All you'll hear is: I couldn't do anything, I couldn't block, Fucking lag, Come ahnnnnn man, Fucking scrub.

I don't think this is an act. I think he is really a hypocritical...everything-ist I watched a This is how you don't play Bayonetta. Imagine a 13yo playing that. That's what it sounded like.