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Pick up Forza Horizon 3's Blizzard Mountain expansion on the cheap

Forza Horizon 3 debuted last year, and was pretty damn great. But if you missed it thus far, now’s a great time to bust it out, as you can pick up add-on Blizzard Mountain right now for half off its normal price. 

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It’s all a part of the current Deals With Gold Xbox Live sale, which features Blizzard Mountain for $9.99. It usually runs $19.99, so even if you manage to miss the sale, you’ll still want to check it out because it’s an excellent package of DLC. 

The winter-themed campaign adds over 50 race events, challenge, and additional vehicles to enjoy in Forza Horizon 3, including Hill Climb, Descent, and Blizzard races to put your skills to the test.

Originally the DLC was available as part of the $34.99 Season Pass, so it's a one-way ticket to Savings-town if you get involved now. Or something. 

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xNuke avatarAnakhoresis avatar
xNuke Avatar
1 Year ago

So it's only on sale for those who've got the xbox and pay for online right? PC still gets it at full price.

I hate Microsoft for what they did with this game. Chargin 70 euro because you get the xbox one copy as well... I DON'T CARE ABOUT THE XBOX COPY. I DON'T HAVE AN XBOX /rant

Anakhoresis Avatar
1 Year ago

That's odd how they don't charge more than standard new full price game in the US, but they do in other regions.