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Forza Horizon 3‘s launch trailer is sexier than a sports car smothered in whipped cream

Forza Horizon 3 demo

Do you remember when we were driving down the coast of Australia in a high powered sports car, drifting through sun lit streets before being challenged to a race by a complete stranger? Oh wait, no that never actually happened. It all took place in something called a video game. Specifically Forza Horizon 3.

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Of course, if you’re a PCGamesN regular you’ll already know we haven’t actually had the chance to play Forza Horizon 3 on PC yet for reasons beyond our control, but – based on all the pre-release promo guff – it’s all looking rather slick and sleek. Slick, sleek, and damn sexy.

Coinciding with the run up to the game’s launch (yes, it’s only a week away now), Microsoft has pushed out a brand new trailer that shows off Forza Horizon 3‘s jaunt down under to an impressive extent. Seriously, if Sony thought GT Sport was going to be the only racer to win praise for its looks this year, it’s sorely mistaken. Forza Horizon 3 looks bleedin’ gorgeous, as Dick Van Dyke would say.

You’ve probably already clicked the vid by this point so anything I say from now on is a little pointless.

Nevertheless, if (quite bizarrely) you skipped over said trailer and are looking for further words of wisdom to coax you into watching it, the video features dirt buggies kicking up dust aplenty, sports cars flying around Australia’s glamorous Gold Coast, and 70s muscle cars clipping the side of stands and bringing them crashing to the ground. Destructible environments are undeniably hot.

It all looks just a little bit immense, and suggests Playground Games has really honed its part-arcade, part-simulation open world racer three games in. I’m excited. In fact, I’m positively revving.

Forza Horizon 3 will hit PC and Xbox One on September 27.