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Four Davids vs. Goliath: Evolve’s latest trailer shows off a full match

Evolve match

I can’t imagine why the four hunters in Evolve think that it’s a good idea to chase after a huge, ferocious, Hulk-like alien. Is it for revenge? Maybe the Goliath took one of the hunters’ sister out on a date and never called back. It does look like a hoot though. I wish my sister dated more monstrous aliens. 

Turtle Rock’s got a new video to show off, a full match with commentary, where a group of hunters stalk the alien through a swampy jungle. It’s starting to look potentially quite special.

The environment, especially, has me all giddy. The way it can produce signs for the trackers to spot – scared birds, animal corpses, footprints – is a particularly subtle element of the tracking system, far more interesting than the hi-tech stuff.

And the hazards! Nasty things like giant carnivorous plants and killer alien crocs. They seem to be even more deadly than the alien.

When Steve took a look at it in February, he came away impressed. “That this totally asymmetric combat is even seemingly balanced can already be counted as a triumph for Turtle Rock, whose pedigree in co-operative shooters, and really big angry monsters, is now soon to be properly established.“

Cheers, VG24/7