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Fox n Forests is a 16-bit nostalgia trip, releasing this spring


If you miss the simple beauty of SNES and Sega Genesis games then upcoming 16-bit retrofest Fox n Forests is definitely for you.

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Successfully funded on Kickstarter in 2016, Fox n Forests is a charming 2D platformer that combines adventure with puzzles. You take on the role of a wiley fox as he uses his magical melee crossbow to shoot and slash enemies while uncovering the mystery of the fifth season.

Fox n Forests appears to encompass everything we love about classic games, from the electronic music to the colourful characters.

According to the game’s official website, it is “inspired by the glorious days of 16-Bit and all time classics like Super Ghouls ’n Ghosts, Wonder Boy in Monster World and ActRaiser 2 as well as the Castlevania and Zelda series.”

Fox n Forests will release on PC this spring.