MMO war game Foxhole gets huge update with new content and 3,000-player wars

This action-strategy game hybridjust got a whole lot bigger. 60% bigger, in fact

Five years and 46 updates later, massively multiplayer war game Foxholejust got its biggest update yet. Landing on the beaches tooday, the hefty Entrenched expansion brings the campaign map to its final form, making it 60% larger with an additional 14 hex areas. This will allow for a persistent battlespace that can handle up to 3,000 players fighting at the same time.

In Foxhole, players choose to enlist in one of two fictional factions that are fighting each other in a dynamic, persistent war. There are no classes, but there are a variety of skills, and you simply need to pick the tools and gear you want to fill the role you desire. If you want to be a frontline soldier, great, but you can also be a simple supply truck driver, a medic, or even a builder or combat engineer.

Builders are getting a lot of love with this new update, with new frontline fortifications you can use to quickly fortify a key point. Foxhole also has an extensive base-building component as well, and this is getting overhauled with new mechanics, tools, modifications, and customisation options.

If you want to know more about the Entrenched update, here’s a comprehensive overview video from the developers:

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Other changes coming with the update include new uniforms that come with unique gameplay benefits that can only be produced by other logistics-focused players. Whether you want some medical overalls for extra medkit capacity, or tactical camouflage to help sneak past enemy lines, there’s a range of new kit to try on.

Foxhole released into Steam Early Access in July 2017, and is due for a 1.0 release sometime this year. The Entrenched is out now, and developer Siege Camp has stated it has “even bigger plans in store” for the future.

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Foxhole is available on PC via Steam, and is currently running a 30% discount to celebrate the new expansion.