“We messed up” say Edge Case Games of ill-received Fractured Space patch

Fractured Space Free To Play

Update: Edge Case Games have issued a statement regarding errors made in introducing the patch and fixes they’re going to apply.

As we noted earlier, some members of the Fractured Space community were not pleased with the direction in which the game was heading. In response, Edge Case Games CEO James Brooksby has issued a statement apologising and promising fixes for the mistakes made.

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“Basically we messed up,” begins the statement addressed to the community. “The new Crew Collection System has been rolled out in a way that we are not proud of, and you guys have reacted to in a very understandable way. We have always worked closely with you, the community and listened along our journey through Early Access. And we are listening now.

“We will now do what we should have done in the first place and ensure you have the crew you already played so hard to get. To ensure we don’t miss anything, the best way is to give everyone who has played Fractured Space before the last update all the available crew that were attainable then.”

So, free stuff for everyone – a good fix, for sure. Brooksby continues, “Also as some of you will have spent Platinum and Credits on Drop Ships, we will reimburse any currency spent up until this announcement.

“As with all new features [we’ve] rolled out over the past 18 months, the crew collection system will improve, and soon as well. The team have many plans to make it fun and rewarding, and of course the team are working hard on many of the other great features of the game that we know you want such as Ranked Play, Replays, Spectator Cam and much much more…”

Based on the Steam announcement, this won’t be completed until Wednesday next week. Any purchases made since it was posted – just before 5pm BST on Thursday, May 19 – will not be refunded. It’s a quick, effective reply to complaints and has got the community back on-side rapidly.

Original story:Space MOBA Fractured Space, which was always intended to go Free to Play, has made the warp-jump before it exits Early Access. In an update issued to the game today, the entry requirement of one of the founders packs has been removed, and now anybody can jump in and get blasting. The update comes with additional features, adding a drop system for acquiring crew members and other in-game stuff. Devs Edge Case Games have also added a testing ring for new ships, giving players the ability to try before they buy, as well as releasing a new trailer.

Here’s that trailer, in all its cinematic glory – it’s a little prettier than your average game of Fractured Space, but it does play a lot like this, all explosions and warp-ins all the time.

The drop system, meanwhile, works by rewarding players for a bunch of different in-game actions. It’s primarily made to distribute the twenty additional crew members that were added at the same time, and can be earned daily.

As for the Firing Range, it unlocks the ability to test any ship before it’s owned, making sure it’s the right combination of armour, healing beams and guns for any prospective owner. It comes to the game along with a new tutorial system which should improve the introductory player experience.

Steam user reviews have dropped significantly for the game since its May 13th patch, as you can see via the new time-based review system. Complaints center around changes made to the progression system, with some claiming things have been pushed towards Pay To Win, while others are just angry with the grind required. Whether things like the drop system’s free rewards will alleviate this remains to be seen. Have you been playing? Let us know what you think about recent changes in the comments below.