Fractured Space trailer shows off XXL spaceships built for team shooting, looks capital

Fractured Space

When we first inspected Fractured Space about a year ago, it soon became apparent that we were looking at the capital ship counterpart to Eve: Valkyrie. 12 months of Steam Early Access later, the big picture team-based shooter is headed for the UK’s Insomnia Games Festival, with a view to a final release sometime in 2016.

Here’s a new trailer showing off the USR Destroyer, which taps into the enduring appeal of something incredibly large and intricately detailed.

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The Destroyer’s turrets are effective from a range of 25km, which, South Yorkshire fans, is about the distance between Sheffield and Doncaster. It’s a slow ship, but an excitingly destructive one to pilot.

You might remember Edge Case Games from Strike Suit Zero. They’ll be at Insomnia, held at Birmingham’s NEC, between the 11th and 14th of December. Have you played any Fractured Space since it launched on Steam?