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Free Bundle gives indie games away for free

Finally, a bundle that gives your wallet a reprieve. The Cabrera Brothers, developers of Cypher, have put their heads together and created a bundle which is made entirely of free indie games. Yes these games have been available free from the developers' own sites for some time now but this is a way of highlighting them.

Trailers and the like are below the break.

You can go and download The Free Bundle from here.

It launched earlier today with five games:

Team Nitronic's Nitronic Rush

Magnesium Ninja Studios' Ascension

Roger Hicks & Paul Veer's Celestial Mechanica

Ivan Zanotti's Imscared

Team Bobo's Abobo's Big Adventure

Though since then, Stephen Orlando & Robert Ellis' Treasure Adventure Game has been added to the bundle

The brothers are saying that as the bundle gains more exposure they'll be adding more games. Huzzah

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