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Free games: Get DRM-free copies of Alan Wake’s American Nightmare, Limbo, and more

Humble is offering a bundle of free games for the weekend, and you don't even have to deal with DRM

If all the free-to-play relaunches and betas and free trials this weekend weren’t enough for you, there’s also got a selection of free games for your enjoyment. Alan Wake’s American Nightmare and Limbo are the biggest titles on offer, but there’s a further a selection of seven cool indies for your enjoyment – and they’re all DRM free.

The selection comes courtesy of the Humble Trove. That’s normally a benefit extended to Humble Monthly subscribers, but these nine games are free to download regardless of your subscription status. You do need to have a Humble account, but once you’re signed in there’s no further restriction – just download installers for whichever games you want and you’re good.

You can grab those free titles until September 16 from the Humble Trove page. The full list includes Alan Wake’s American Nightmare, Limbo, Uurnog, Fortune 499, Tiny Echo, Cat Girl Without Salad, Drawkanoid, THOR.N, and Crescent Bay.

If you are interested in the usual Humble Monthly subscription, this month’s selection is especially notable, since it offers Overwatch at the cheapest price it’s ever been available for, plus whatever mystery games are yet to be revealed.

It’s an especially auspicious time for American Nightmare, since the Alan Wake TV series was just announced. It might not be the proper original, but it’s as close as you’re getting right now, since that game has been completely removed from sale due to expiring music licenses.