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Free to play FIFA World enters open beta

FIFA World

EA’s free to play answer to the riddle of how best to fail to bring the latest version of FIFA to PC has just reached global open beta.

FIFA World had dribbled around a series of closed beta cones before reaching this publicly available goalpost, so now anybody with an internet connection and a love of kicking can have a go. The PC exclusive title is built to run on an averagely specced laptop, says EA, but does this offering mean that the beefier next-gen FIFA 15 will sidestep PC entirely?

FIFA World proudly caters to a complete set of keyboard and mouse controls, as well as offering access to EA’s Football Club social hub. It carries an authentic roster of 16,000 players, 600 clubs and 31 leagues, as well as this summer’s World Cup national teams. Ultimate Team lets you trade on the transfer market to put all the nicest footballers on one team, while Featured Tournaments each week present fresh challenges and opportunities to earn free to play rewards.

FIFA’s always had a troubled existence on PC, with the PC version typically running the game’s last-gen engine. FIFA 12 finally found parity with the console versions of the game, though the most recent entry in the series fell back into tired old habits. If FIFA World is EA’s answer to FIFA on PC, we could well be seeing the end of the core series run on the PC platform.

So let’s hope it’s alright. Here’s a trailer, missy.