Frontier’s got its hands on “a major global IP” – but we don’t know which one

The Elite Dangerous developer has the keys to a big franchise, but it won't tell us which one it is

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Elite Dangerous and Planet Coaster developer Frontier is preparing to start working on…something. Earlier today, the developer announced that it had acquired the rights to what it says is “a major global IP license.” Sadly though, that’s all the information the developer was willing to give us.

The announcement came via the London Stock Exchange, and confirmed that Frontier would definitely being developing and publishing a game based on the IP, which does at least confirm that it’s a brand-new game, rather than an add-on to one of their previously existing titles. Frontier says that it expects a two-year development cycle, and that active development is expected to start some time later this year, so you should see whatever this mystery game is sometime in 2021.

Beyond that, the only other details we have are that Frontier is planning subsequent DLC, and that the release will be across PC and console. Unsurprisingly, chief executive David Braben says that the company will “continue to love, support, and enhance our existing game franchises.”

Frontier is already working on another IP, but it says that that one is first-party (and may or may not be a Planet Coaster spin-off), while this new game will be based on a pre-existing franchise.

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What that might be is honestly anybody’s guess. It’s possible it’s another Jurassic World game, but given Frontier made the first one, I would have imagined they’d have been able to come straight out and tell us about a new one. I might have guessed something space-y were it not for Elite, but for now I suppose we’ll just have to wait for more information. Generally, we like a little more announcing in our announcements, but sadly Frontier declined to comment further.