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Frostpunk now has a free endless mode for unlimited winter suffering

Now you can play out in the snow for as long as you want with Frostpunk's latest free DLC.

You might remember Frostpunk, the arctic-themed city builder that at its heart is about watching your own morality melt before your very eyes. It came out in April and did quite well, prompting its developers to pledge a host of new content and game modes for the remainder of the year. Now we’ve got our hands on the biggest expansion yet – Frostpunk can now be played in ‘endless mode.’

One of the things about Frostpunk that sets it apart from other colony management games is that it has a very definite end – Frostpunk tells a story, which eventually wraps up and leaves you to think about the monstrous decisions you’ve made to get to that point. Now, however, you can opt to play the game in not one, but two new modes that remove that time limit.

For players who want to find out how long they can hold out against the bitter cold, there’s Survivalist mode, which promises to grind your colonists down into sad little sno-cones. But if you’d prefer to take it easy and just enjoy watching your settlement grow, there’s also Serenity mode, which offers abundant resources and gentler weather.

This trailer provides a whirlwind tour of the new features:

It’s a hefty update: there are three new maps, a new randomized frostland overworld, new decorations for your city, and there’s a new building called the Archives, which you’ll spend time filling with relics that you find out in the wasteland surrounding your little village.

Like the rest of Frostpunk’s generous updates, Endless Mode is a free addition. And if you’ve already played through the initial campaign, it’ll be a welcome one that provides a fresh way to play one of this year’s sleeper hits.